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  cosmetic outsourcing


We are an industry that offers cosmetic outsourcing services. We develop and manufacture customized products, providing all the necessary support for the project. We constantly invest in technology, always seeking the structural and professional improvement.



and Development


It is the department responsible for constant search in order to improve the ability to create, innovate, make countertypes and analyze market trends in products and processes.

There is a Technical Center to sensory and performance tests and optimization of the development time.






There are laboratories to control and analyze all the stages of production process what make sure the reproduction and the traceability of each batch.

- Quality control of raw materials.

- Water analysis and microbiological control.

- Research and development of new products.

- Prototyping and stability (Shelf Life Test).

- Analysis of the finished product and in the process.





Automated weighing and technological production area with integrated system that controls all processes. There is production flexibility which allows the production of batches in small and large scale.



There is a large area to logistics operations to store packages that will be used in production, with a modern and reliable system of addressing control.

Advantages of this service:

- Savings on freight and rental spaces for storage of supplies

- Production agility

- Reports with supplies balance periodically sent, to avoid lack in production time.



Marketing and Creation


We create brands, names to lines and products, layout of labels and all the supporting material (business cards, stationery, banners, flyers, catalogs and video presentations). We also provide the service of websites creation and social networking management (Facebook, Instagram e Youtube) that help to make known and promote the brand.


Regulatory Requirements


In order to bring your product to the market according to all the ANVISA rules and regulations, we provide the following services:

- Registration process to products classified in grade 1 or grade 2.

- Bar Code Control.

- Renewal of registers.

- Regularization of products for international trade (CLC).

- Monitoring the validity of registers.


Cardboard Box Manufacturing


There is the most modern equipment, fully automated to produce collective cardboard box according to your need and it avoids storage and creates efficiency and savings.

Printing directly on the box with the necessary specifications in order to dispense with the use of labels.




Silkscreen Printing


Recording in glasses and bottles, printing and closing of tubes and hot stamping application to provide great convenience and agility in production of products and avoid freight and transport packaging spending. We also have structure for automatic and manual labeling system.



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